“Deep in the heart of a technologically advanced bunker, Pete has been living out his days over the last ten years alone without any contact with the outside. 

Pete’s peace is shattered by the sudden arrival of Sophie, another survivor who has been searching for the bunker for some time. As they cautiously get to know each other, Pete and Sophie discover that they are not the only ones inside and the bunker itself appears to turn against them.”

Dweller is a labour of love that has been developing over the last 4/5 years. It has gone through a few different iterations and had a couple of false starts but we are now due to start rolling on it on the 18th November.



Jason Harvey – Pete                                    Megan Birley – Sophie

The Location

We’re very honoured to be filming in Scotland’s Secret Bunker near St Andrews in Fife. The Secret Bunker is an amazing location and totally perfect as a setting for Dweller, the location is so perfect that many people have asked if the film was written for the location. It wasn’t, but we couldn’t have asked for something so perfect and suited the film so well.

Directed by:                       Fraser Denholm

Produced by:                     Fraser Denholm and Kieran McCruden

Cinematographer:             Jonathan Brown

Production Designer:        Kieran McCruden